AY music

AY music files are memory dumps from ZX Spectrum 128 and CPC demos and games. The name comes the the sound chip inside these machines AY-3-8910.

ProjectAY.zip Copy of archive hosted at http://www.worldofspectrum.org/projectay/. Website is still online as of writing this, and backup was ajoured january 2020.

Adlib / OPL music

A the adplug webpage, there is an extras section for where to find OPL/adlib music. Unfortunately, all of the links are dead. This is what I have been able to source looking around.

adlib.superfighter.com.zip Old arhive of https://adlib.superfighter.com. Website is still online, but only some few songs are listed.
AEGISPLAYER.zip Origin is unknown. Contains .HSP files. Let me know if you know the history of these.
cta-adlib.zip http://chiptunes.back2roots.org / http://chiptune.de archive using Internet Archive; Wayback Machine.